Ready for New Thinking?

Let's face it: with the arrival of ChatGPT 3.5, AI (Artificial Intelligence) received attention like never in its almost 70 years of history.

Many people are worried about the future of their jobs. Optimists believe AI will reduce their workload based on automation.

But what's your reality as a business owner?

You need to find a realistic view from a close look at the development to make sure your business is part of the movement.

CharlyChatbo did, and here we are with AI-based solutions which open up new opportunities for you. Read on to know more.

Start Threefold - for More Customers and More Business

In a simple consideration, there are three crucial stages in your client's life cycle ...

(1)  Pre order marketing and sales

Marketing and sales determine your impact in the market. You can only be successful if you are very close to the customer.

(2)  Early product and service experience

Your products and customer services must be inspiring. Only then can you keep regular customers and continuously encourage them to stay on board and buy.

(3)  Ongoing customer and after sales experience

Customers and prospects have questions. Answer them quickly, competently and easily. Use inquiries and complaints as "gold mine" opportunities to sell, e.g. accessories and upsells.

There are three goals in general for marketing and sales activities:

  • Acquiring new customers.
  • Retaining regular customers.
  • Achieve as much sales as possible per customer (maximum customer value).

Two Perfect Solutions for Proactive and Reactive Digital Communication

Proactive and reactive communication requires specific approaches.

In the proactive phase, you make yourself and your offer interesting by sending information and interactions with the customer. This will build trust and generate interest. Based on his reactions, you find out which topics he is willing to buy on and offer accordingly.

CharlyChatbo has developed the product ChatboMessage for this purpose. Marketing and sales are done via Messenger Services, i.e. Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp.

In reactive mode, you respond to customer requests. Foremost, it is crucial to answer customer inquiries quickly, competently and, above all, in an uncomplicated manner. ChatboLive does this task in a Live-Chat. The customer is automatically guided through the communication, up to appointment bookings or sales from the online shop - directly on the selected Messenger application!

ChatboLive is your digital salesperson who works for seven without interruption, 24/7/365.

Interested parties get in touch via your website, where they are invited to a Live-Chat window. Regular customers can also conveniently use the live chat via Messenger, anytime and anywhere from their mobile phone.

ChatboMessage und ChatboLive sind mächtig - und super einfach einzurichten.

Wenn du schon mit E-Mail-Marketing vertraut bist, dann hilft dir sicher der Hinweis, dass WhatsApp-Marketing mit ChatboMessage ebenso einfach aufgesetzt werden kann. Es ist definitiv kein Hexenwerk. Du kannst das selbst tun oder im Zweifel machen es unsere Techniker für dich, kein Problem. Ebenso einfach funktioniert ChatboLive.

Easy Start

With our live demos, step-by-step videos and personal support from our team, even beginners can get started quickly and easily.

For Small Business

A small setup fee and low monthly costs enable even less financially strong companies to get started with this power marketing tool.

100% GDPR-Compliant

We are familiar with the strict rules of the European GDPR and comply with all data protection-related guidelines.

Get Results Fast

Build your own chatbots and workflows with the drag & drop Campaign Builder. It's simple and quick, with no programming knowledge required.

People with Know-How + Artificial Intelligence =

Decades of entrepreneurial experience in the industry and service sectors, combined with state-of-the-art software technology – that's what the team is all about.

Your advantage?

You get the ideal combination of in-depth expertise and new technology, so you implement a system that is not only up to date, but also completely thought out and tested. offers full service with structured processes of consulting, conception, implementation and daily support, so that the changeover to the new chatbot happens as pleasant and easy as possible for you.

After all, you want to see success quickly, don't you?

Friedrich Renoth

Friedrich Renoth


Manfred Lakner

Customer Service

Robin Richstfeld

Robin Richtsfeld


Charly Chatbo


Does Everything Work by Itself with AI?

Since the text-based AI system GPT-3.5 was made openly available by the American research laboratory OpenAI in the fall of 2022, a hysteria about the automation of text-oriented tasks has set in.

All tasks should now be completed automatically "by the system" to perfection and with minimal expenditure of time.

Is this expectation realistic?

At, we know from our daily work that this is not the case. GPT-X.X is a powerful tool with almost endless possibilities.

But the expected perfect results require know-how and experience to train the AI system. Only in this way it is able to answer questions concretely and considering company knowledge.

OpenAI GPT-X.X is a Raw Stone That is Expertly Cut Into a Sparkling Diamond.

– Fred Renoth, CEO

Chatbo ist der Komplettanbieter für mobile Chatbot Lösungen.

Der gesamte Sales- und Marketing-Prozess wird in WhatsApp (auf Wunsch Facebook Messenger oder Telegram) über Chatbo-Software abgebildet.

Kunden erhalten Marketinginformationen, treten in den Dialog zur Beantwortung ihrer Fragen und kaufen direkt im Chat - ohne Plattform-Wechsel und mit einem Minimum an Klicks.

Der Datenaustausch zu vorhandenen Klienten-Systemen wird über Standard-Schnittstellen sichergestellt.

Branchen- und kundenspezifische Lösungen werden individuell erarbeitet und als schlüsselfertige Lösungen zur Verfügung gestellt.

Chatbo ist 100 % DSGVO-konforme und leistet damit einen signifikanten Beitrag zur Minimierung des unternehmerischen Risikos für die Anwender.

Theory is Good, Practice is Better, and Free Testing is Unrivaled!

We know from our customers that Messenger Marketing and Live Chats work very well with our automated system. They quickly deliver the promised results: more new customers, more regular customers and more sales.

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