Sales Up &

Cost Down

With a Digital Assistant.

Sounds Familiar to your Business?

  • Sales - many website visitors and few buyers.
  • Business Processes - many clicks for routine tasks.
  • Customer Service - expensive staff to answer the same old questions over and over again.
  • Marketing - emails are not read and don't sell.

The Good News: Help is on the Way.

  • Why not solve these problems now - once and for all? 
  • Why not achieve $50,000+ in additional profit?
  • Why not do it quickly with no additional staff cost?

Find Out how CharlyChatbo - The AI-Digital-Assistant - Helps You Grow Profits and Cut Costs.

CharlyChatbo Helps You
Grow Profits and Cut Costs.

Experience CharlyChatbo.

We can go on for miles explaining in theory how effectively "Your Charly" will support you ...

  • He takes routine tasks off your hands.
  • He is there for your customers around the clock (24/7/365).
  • He helps you to scale your business (free of charge).
  • It supports you in acquiring new customers.
  • They turn new customers into regular customers.

But the best thing is your own experience. Only what you have done and experienced yourself will convince you.

That's why we've included a live test here, where Charly shows you what he is capable of doing.

Click on "Live Test" and get to know CharlyChatbo in real life.

Enthusiastic Customers Speak for Themselves

Heiko Nussher
5 Reviews

The Chatbo team has managed to fulfill our wish for a "friendly companion" for our network.

The result is AURYN, which is unique in this form. There are real professionals at work here who not only master their product, but also provide lots of valuable tips.

Above all, you don't get an off-the-shelf solution here, but customized solutions.

Maja Dolpp
1 Review

I started using Chatbo's service at the beginning of this year.

I am enthusiastic about the many possibilities Chatbo offers.

I work online and save a lot of time.

Chatbo is a wonderful companion for every entrepreneur.

I recommend everyone to use it.

Thank you Chatbo

Jens Bonin
2 Reviews


Friendly, fast and really quick to implement, with 1:1 support in using the tool.

This makes partnership a real pleasure.

Thank you, Team Chatbo!

EINO World
7 Reviews

We are technically adept and work in a fairly modern way.

But when we tested the Chatbo demo, we were thrilled.

It is exactly the tool that makes our vision of a future-oriented sales organization come true.

Cold calling, lead qualification, sales closing, onboarding, support and upsell...

...are now fully automated and scalable.

It's every company's dream come true.

We are happy and very satisfied.

Robert Lüthgens
134 Reviews

With Chatbo, we were able to increase our occupancy rate through more direct bookings and thus reduce bookings via

The support is also second to none.

Highly recommended. Simply great, wouldn't want to miss it again.

And what is very important in this day and age ...

Cheap ... not like ... 17.5% of the total turnover.

I am so happy with it.

Thank you, dear Chatbo

Tool Advisor
2 Reviews

Chatbo is simply a great tool (messenger) and the service or support is almost unique and very helpful.

Thank you!

Mounty Burger
2 Reviews

Not only is ChatBo a very useful messenger tool in online marketing.

The personal contact was always fast, helpful and very friendly.

That makes working together fun.

Florian Schmidt
3 Reviews

Absolutely fair prices.

Great bots already available, especially for restaurants.

The team works hand in hand and these are people who know what they're doing.

I can definitely recommend them.

Jörg Feuckert
3 Reviews

I have been using Chatbo for my company for some time now.

I am extremely satisfied, it has taken my customer/prospect communication to a higher level.

Chatbo's service always responds at lightning speed, a contact person is always available for me and can help competently.

In addition, many useful tips for my business.

You Need a System of Solutions

CharlyChatbo is the specialist for owner-managed, small and medium-sized companies.

Digitalization offers you opportunities to strengthen your company. Strengthening means bringing in new customers and reducing costs. CharlyChatbo is a digital employee who takes over tasks along the entire life cycle.

Remember what it takes after you hired a new associate. You will train and guide them step by step until the results meet your requirements.

It works in a similar way with Charly. He masters certain tasks and we train him together with you so that he will soon be at your side around the clock as a reliable and charming partner.

CharlyChatbo offers you a whole system of problem solutions, which are described here in a few special examples.

Optimize the Customer Journey and Increase your Profits.

As soon as your customer has shown interest in your offer, the customer journey begins. It can be divided into four phases:

  • SALES - providing information, answering questions, negotiating and closing.
  • PROCESSES - automation of business processes.
  • SERVICE - handling service and support requests.
  • MARKETING - for customer retention and further sales.

CharlyChatbo supports all phases with specific solutions. Image shows examples only. Ask for more options.

SALES - Are you Already Finding New Clients with a System?

From Prospect to Active Customer in Six Steps.

The most important and crucial part of a successful business is finding customers who are ready to buy and have orders to place.

And even if your company is buzzing and acquiring new customers is not your biggest concern, it is still necessary to ...

  • Set up a structured process to find prospects. 
  • Turn them into customers reliably. 
  • Onboard them professionally.

CharlyChatbo manages the journey from prospective customer to active customer. Charly supports in 6 stages:

  1. PROSPECTS - Finding interested parties who can potentially be converted into new customers.
  2. STRUCTURE AND NEEDS - Capturing the company information and recording the requested services.
  3. SELECTION - Selecting the potential customers in the prospect pool (A/B/C analysis).
  4. QUOTATION - Answering requests for quotations.
  5. CLARIFICATION - finalizing offer content and prices.
  6. PURCHASE - final negotiations / closing, taking the order and sending the order confirmation

CharlyChatbo provides customized functions for all stages.

CharlyChatbo Converts your Website into a Sales Powerhouse

PROCESSES - Are you Automating or Still Clicking?

Get Help - from the Specialist for Recurring Tasks.

Even if you have dedicated and highly qualified employees, there are many recurring tasks in your company that are terrible time wasters. And unnecessary time wasters cause avoidable costs.

Reliable and cost-effective processing from order intake to fulfillment - that's what your company needs to deliver on a daily basis.

CharlyChatbo provides processes automation (selection):

  1. ORDER AND APPOINTMENT BOOKINGS: Charly helps to manage data and appointments.
  2. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Charly supports clerks in the organization of order processing.
  3. REMINDER FUNCTIONS: Key dates and deadlines are communicated to employees and clients.
  4. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: Charly makes knowledge from the knowledge database available to employees and clients.
  5. IT-SYSTEMS: Charly "talks" to the various IT packages in the company and ensures data consistency.

CharlyChatbo has access to an extensive function library that can be configured as required.

Customized functions are added on request.

CharlyChatbo Automates Recurring Tasks and Sets you Free - for Innovation and Creativity.

SERVICE - Are you Available for your Customers 24/7?

What is Exceptional in Service Today will be Standard Tomorrow..

The internet and digitalization are decoupling work and fulfillment locations. Companies are organizing themselves purely virtually, traditional working time models are increasingly being broken up. Business is getting faster and faster, answers to questions are expected immediately.

Annoying waiting loops on the phone or messages such as: "We answer quickly and are there for you personally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m." seem old-fashioned and out of date.

CharlyChatbo offers an automated service desk where customers can ask questions at any time and get answers immediately.

This reduces the time spent by employees on customer queries and increases customer satisfaction because they no longer have to call the company on the phone.

Purchasing decisions are emotionally, and those who cannot keep up with the fast pace of the market will lose customers. Today, 24/7 availability is an advantage and is increasingly becoming the norm.

Customers have questions and want them answered quickly and easily. CharlyChatbo's automated service desk handles around 60-80% of these inquiries.

CharlyChatbo supports the organization in several ways:

  • SERVICE LEVEL: 24/7 availability.
  • KNOWLEDGE DATABASE: The firm's sources of information - written in-house or from information services - are used.
  • FAQ COLLECTION: Questions and answers are documented and used for ongoing quality optimization.
  • CALLBACK FUNCTION: The client can request a callback via Charly, which is documented and tracked in the service desk.

Functions are specifically adapted as required.

CharlyChatbo Automated Customer Service - to Minimize Cost and Maximize Availability.

MARKETING - Are you in your Customer's Pocket?

Valuable Information about your Products and Services is Always Welcome.

Customers often have to make important decisions in a short space of time in order to find the right partner or the best product for a project. It is therefore necessary to provide interested parties and regular customers with valuable information on a regular basis:

  • Changes in the company.
  • Special promotions.
  • Product innovations.
  • Product training courses.

This creates touchpoints that keep your company in their minds and ensure that your name is mentioned first when it comes to your specialty.

If you achieve this, you will also be the first to be asked for a quote.

Your company's marketing therefore focuses on two main areas:

  • Preparation of data for sales.
  • Strengthening client loyalty through regular communication of tax-relevant information.

CharlyCorp ensures that communication with clients is automated:

  • By e-mail.
  • Via WhatsApp messenger.

Communication via WhatsApp has two major advantages:

  • The customer receives the information on his cell phone (at any time, confidentially, privately).
  • They can use the usual chat function to enter into dialog immediately and ask questions.

Another important step towards customer loyalty is obtaining feedback through simple questions sent via WhatsApp. The questions are answered in a friendly way (simply and briefly) and provide an objective picture of client satisfaction.

CharlyChatbo adds WhatsApp Marketing to Your Portfolio - for 2X Sales Compared to E-Mail.

CharlyChatbo Works for You - in the Background

Let's have a quick look behind the curtain.

No matter how complicated it may be in the background - Charly makes it easy for you as a user. All you have to do is ask him a question or click on a button provided. He will have an answer for you in just a few seconds.

Text Commands Solve Complex Tasks

Charly performs 7 steps to answer your question:

  1. Receiving question or a click command.
  2. Processing the task in a standard query (questionnaire) or via AI (artificial intelligence) for freely formulated questions.
  3. Evaluate the information sources provided (e.g. websites, documents, videos or content on social media).
  4. Formulating an answer as text.
  5. Additional output of a link (e.g. website for detailed information).
  6. For process optimizations, output of an action (e.g. information for an offer).
  7. Output of the response in the chat window, as an e-mail or as system information (e.g. in the CRM system).

The process is created on a project-specific basis and optimized in detail.

The CharlyChatbo system is unique on the market and is configured specifically for each customer. There is no off-the-shelf system with generic answers and poor performance!

By integrating extensive sources of information, high-quality answers are generated for all questions that arise.

CharlyChatbo Masters Complex Tasks - so You can Relax and Take it Easy.